Classic wedding invitations

written by admin - Thursday, May 26, 2011

Classic, a word that many people use to express their feelings on something that they feel is timeless, traditional, one that speak volumes of its beauty that is limitless and transcendent through the years.  When it comes to weddings, you want it to be the best it could be, so attempting to infuse a classy touch to your special day is a great idea. There are many ways in which a wedding can be deemed a classic wedding, where it should play host to some great values that are passed down generations which have a way of having a guest exclaim “oh what a classic wedding”.

There are several elements that define a wedding as classic. It comes down to the decor, the bridal wear, the theme you have chosen and of course classic wedding invitations. Mostly, the point is to keep it traditional, and one that is synonymous with that is elegance. And as for themes, there are some great themes out there for weddings which keep it traditional and yet classic. You can opt for themes from ancient times and well known history, like a Greek wedding, or a roman inspired one, with all the beauty and the grace out there. Imagine the setting, imagine the classic wedding invitations.

Getting to classic wedding invitations, there are many ways in which you can style them, and here at DreamDay Invitations, we have some options for you that might tickle your fancy. These traditional wedding invitations could be anything from elegant wedding invites to floral, but always ensuring that the classic touches are intact. This means to say, that they aren’t over done, and follow the design principles that couples used to follow a while back. From minimalistic styles to layouts that are simple and easy to understand, your wedding invites are supposed to be something that people could look back and gather inspiration from. Golden borders with filigree designs such as that of DreamDay Invitations’ Foiled Vogue found under the Traditional Wedding Invitations category, or even a floral wedding invite that focuses on a photographic image of a rose accompanying the bride and groom’s names, or maybe even something like Cloud Nine which features a lace brocade that is beautiful, a classic touch of wedding style. These would be ideal for a classic wedding invitation.

Like so, DreamDay Invitation has a whole genre of classic wedding invitation that runs through various categories be it floral wedding invites to elegant wedding invitations. Take a look and find out which invite for your wedding matches the theme you are looking at.

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